EAI's Presentation at ALTEN 2010 - International Conference and Exhibition on Alternate Sources of Energy and Power Backup Systems

Venue :Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Start Date : 20th Feb 2010
End Date :22nd Feb 2010
Speaker : Narasimhan Santhanam, CEO, EAI

Event Profile

ALTEN 2010 Exhibition featured leading manufacturing companies showcasing products and services ranging from batteries, batteries allied products, inverter, UPS, generator, solar, wind, hydro, bio-electric and more. The event was organized by VNS Expo Design India Pvt. Ltd.

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EAI Role and Presentation

EAI was the knowledge partner for Alten 2010, and thus had the unique opportunity to interact with a wide spectrum of people from the battery industry in specific and energy storage industry in general.

Narasimhan Santhanam, CEO of EAI, was also part of two panels - one in which he was a speaker and another in which he was a moderator.

Narasimhan's presentation was on "Renewable Energy in India - Why should you (energy storage industry professionals) care"

Among the points that were covered were:

  • Data on current and future electricity requirements for India
  • Renewable energy sources that could play a key role in India's future electricity supply
  • How batteries will be a critical component for the optimal use of renewable energy resources
  • Opportunities opening up for energy storage (especially battery companies in India's renewable energy sector)

  • Technologies to watch out for
  • Markets to watch out for
  • Opportunities for small and large companies
  • Opportunities for partnerships
  • Opportunities from innovations

View the entire presentation here

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Key Takeaways from the Event

Key takeaways from the interactions with other participants at the seminar and exhibition

1. A number of battery industry companies were met, primarily to learn from them their perspectives on the opportunities in the Indian renewable energy industry. It was good to know that many of the battery companies had already started making some plans for adding value to the various renewable energy segments. Some companies - Truepower, for example with its solar/grid hybrid inverters - were already supplying unique products and services to the renewable energy segment. Others - Bindal Batteries, for one - had already been successful in extending their product lines to capture significant shares for batteries in solar PV based products such as mini solar plants and solar pumps. The telecom market was another area where some of these companies were doing well.

2. For most of companies present at the seminar, not surprisingly, there was significant interest for the solar PV segment. Interestingly, many of the companies that were exploring the solar PV segment were not just looking at supplying batteries to this segment, but also to provide end-to-end solutions to end users - in terms of supplying them with the complete set comprising solar panels, inverters, batteries and charge controllers. Excepting the panels, most of the products could be produced by the companies themselves (one company even plans to manufacture the solar powered street lamps and LED lights).

3. It was fairly clear to the battery industry players that their batteries will have little role to play in the utility-scale solar PV power plants. The reason simply put, is cost. Including batteries will increase the cost of power generation by 50-100% for solar plants, and by over 200% for wind plants. One cannot expect these to start using batteries in a big way, at least for the next 2-4 years. However, batteries will find tremendous growth from the non-grid segment - be they households, apartments or factories using solar or solar/wind hybrid for captive power consumption. This fact was not lost on the battery industry players.

Visitor's Profile

The visitors targeted for the ALTEN 2010 an International Conference & Exhibition on alternate source of energy included governments official, city planners, utilities, manufacturing firms, engineers, consultants, corporate end users, trade associations, etc.

Exhibitor's Profile

Profile for exhibitors included OEM design engineers of portable electronic products and battery-powered systems, Developers and integrators of rechargeable battery products and systems, System engineers of standby, backup and uninterrupted power systems, System integrators, vendors, distributors, Manufacturers of batteries and battery related products.